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Although unassuming and located in a small space, Co-op 87 Records has a vast and well-curated selection of records in Greenpoint. Despite their lack of space, the record store remains very organized and quaint, featuring a lot of local artists. Captured Tracks Shop Shop, Store.

After years of managing their successful independent record label, Captured Tracks, the people behind the label decided to open the Captured Tracks Record Shop — a true hidden gem of Brooklyn. While stocking records and cassettes from their own label, the store still buys and sells new and used records, proving to have a variety of genres and labels. Musicians from the Captured Tracks label, such as Mac DeMarco, are known to hang around the shop, looking through the well-priced selection.

Founded in , Good Records NYC has made a statement by buying and selling records from the s and onward. Similar to a lot of other record stores, Good Records NYC has a wide selection of genres, including Funk and International Music, but patrons tend to most often praise their jazz offerings.

Jazz Record Center Building, Store.

The 15 Best Record Shops in New York City

Hidden so deep on the eighth floor of a Chelsea building that you have to buzz up in order to get in is Jazz Record Center — the best place to find jazz records of any kind. Note: Jazz Record Center also does mail auctions. Heaven Street Records Shop. Boasting one of the most dedicated and friendly groups of employees, Heaven Street Records specializes in the sale of records from hardcore, noise, punk, and experimental labels. They have everything because they're a junk store though, so it's really one of those stores to go to if a lot of the old school NYC genres interest you disco, rnb, funk, house, hip-hop.

Harmony records isn't in the thread yet, so here's the info. I'll check those places out or some of them at least , and let you know how I do!

  • 10 Best Record Stores In New York City.
  • 10 Best Record Stores In New York City.
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  • Record stores in NYC: A guide to vinyl, collectibles and more.

Show this post just noticed a lot of posts have disappeared from this thread?! Academy E.

Human Head Records | We Buy and Sell Used Vinyl!

You can omit Fat Beats basically as they only stock new stuff but while you're in NY I would go there just for the sake of it anyway. I found way more stuff in Brooklyn though Academy is your best bet and The Thing. Show this post Hey, thanks for all the info guys. I'm gonna have a poke around when I'm there. I was wondering if you could clear up the confusion. They list two different addresses, though. Could anybody confirm where they are: Orchard St. Manhattan OR 57 Pearl St. Brooklyn Any confirmation asap would be great.

I'm going soon! Show this post They definitely don't exist on Orchard anymore. I've never checked out the Pearl St location, so I'm not sure. If I get a chance, I'll check it out.

The Trip: New York’s Best Record Stores

But that Pearl St. I was only in town for a few days, and I had to fit 'nuff other things into the agenda.

Flatiron, East Village, and Greenpoint

I only came out with records at A1. It was late Monday evening, and I chanced upon it after dinner. I'd definitely like to go back to NYC with more time and just dig. Show this post Good to know you got a couple records at least. A lot of the shops get picked quickly and often to be honest so you can't always find good records. A1 has a huge stash of records in the backroom, so I forgot to mention if you wanted anything, just ask the guys.

It might not be in the front.

Hope you had fun in NYC! Nice people there, but the records I bought there were not really great. Probably all the cool stuff was gone. Last month a friend went to NY and she came back with three records as a present. Those three records were much better than the stuff I bought. I asked her where she got them from and she said: well, I went to A1 records, listened to one record, which was cool but then I ran out of time and picked two other random records She's or very talented, or she was there on the very right moment..

Show this post Yep, the people that live in NYC are crazy vinyl freaks. Because these 2 shops are the best and everyone knows that. But even then, you really just need to show up almost daily so that you can get the goodies.

Hey, We think we know you!

Or go to The Thing, where you can spend 8 hours alone in the basement digging. That place has enough so it doesn't really matter how many people go, although it probably helps if you're a huge disco or early house music fanatic. The Thing and A1 have the same owner btw. Show this post I'll definitely keep that in mind next time I'm there. AskeladdenBlack over 10 years ago This post is hidden because you reported it for abuse. Show this post I noticed alot of peple saying that they couldn't find much old hardcore at A Show this post Forgot to mention Etherea had 5 boxes of random stuff and I found Acen- Trip to the moon pt 2 andI saw some other stuff that looked good, If you can be bothered.

Show this post I thought there were listening stations at dopejams the last time I was there. Show this post You could be right.

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  • Generation Records.
  • Jazz Record Center - LPs - CDs - blues - books - videos - magazines;
  • The best record stores in NYC.
  • Academy Records.

I only went once and never again because the lights sucked and nothing was cheap. I forgot Etherea, I only went once too. I never went again because I thought it was also too pricey and plus they moved to Brooklyn. I saw early 90s Sven Vath, Altern8, and some other popular artists too. Show this post Not a record store, but along 6th Ave near W 4th and Bleecker Street there are a couple guys selling records along with other things on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays when weather permits.

Not necessarily good records, but I have seen a couple 12"s there particularly Sugar Hill records. I visited green spots - the rest is unconfirmed if it's still open. Show this post Dance Tracks and Big City are definitely closed. Pretty sure Rocks In Your Head is closed too. Sound Library is not on Ave A. It's on Orchard. As far as I can remember, my list contains only stores that are open. Many Japan releases also available on request. Big artists have their cd's together and marked with cards. Also has stuff in the back, but not because it's rare, but because it doesn't have space in front.

Ask the seller what you want - you can't find much by browsing. Westsider: has 2 stores, but I only visited smaller. Who is looking for classic music records - must check. Show this post I realized there has been no mention of Good Records on 5th. Open In Google Maps. Visit website. Generation Records Store. Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, Generation Records is the perfect spot to discover new and old metal and punk records. The store sells both new and used vinyl, along with DVDs, posters, and T-shirts, which can be found in the basement for affordable prices.

Having lasted for almost 20 years, Generation Records shows no signs of leaving the village any time soon — much to the joy of metal and rock enthusiasts. Courtesy of Other Music. Other Music Store. Always one of the first stores to stock the newest records from experimental and rare musicians, Other Music also has a large variety of CDs, both used and new. The friendly and helpful staff also helps to host in-store events such as acoustic performances or listening parties. Permanently closed.

A1 Record Shop Shop, Store. However, A1 Record Shop is mainly geared towards DJs due to its large selection of soul, jazz, and hip-hop.