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Gregory S. Ian N. Watch Lawyer Video. Hennenberg for experienced, diligent white collar crimes representation in the Cleveland, OH area. Joseph C. Michael J. Goldberg for experienced, diligent white collar crimes representation in the Cleveland, OH area. Serving Cleveland, Ohio residents. Roger M. Synenberg has multiple years of experience in helping clients with their white collar crimes needs in Cleveland, OH.

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Larry W. Cleveland, OH Larry W. Zukerman is an experienced white collar crimes attorney practicing in the Cleveland area. Robey helps Cleveland clients with their white collar crimes needs. Michael T. Fedor, Esq. William D. Mark R. Philip J. Kristina W. Ross M. Babbitt Co. Caitlin A.

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Fritz E. Richard H. Michael R. In addition, he led a team of national and international prosecutors and law enforcement officials investigating a large cybercrime group in Eastern Europe conducting email phishing scams and illegal wire fraud on one of the largest financial institutions in the United States. Another notable case involved the investigation and successful prosecution of an Eastern European crime lord's operation both overseas and in the United States, which included, gambling, extortion, money laundering, murder, weapons trafficking, drug trafficking, and human trafficking.

He led investigations and prosecutions related to domestic and international terrorism matters involving terrorist financing and money laundering and investigated and successfully prosecuted immigration fraud cases. Moreover, Attorney Valore successfully prosecuted several high profile cases, including United States vs. Vincent Frustaci, the largest public corruption theft-in-office case in Ohio history—the successful prosecution of which earned Attorney Valore the FBI service award.

Attorney Valore also received an award and recognition from the Department of Homeland Security for leading the successful prosecution of a high profile corruption case involving misuse of government equipment. At the national level, Valore led the investigation of a multi-million dollar on-line chat room fraud and extortion scheme operating in over 20 states and served the Justice Department as the criminal civil rights coordinator for the Northern District of Ohio, where he coordinated district wide seminars and community outreach programs with non-government agencies and over 40 state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Michael C. Hennenberg

He also the led the investigation and prosecution of over 50 alleged criminal civil rights violations matters ranging from racially motivated hate crimes to excessive use of force by police officers. Moreover, he served as the lead prosecutor in several large scale human trafficking, prostitution, illegal labor, and harboring of illegal immigrants cases. One notable case that he successfully brought to a conclusion was United States vs. David Tuason, which involved a year unsolved racially motivated hate crime, in which one of the victims was a sitting United States Supreme Court Justice. As an Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor, Dean Valore prosecuted cases involving homicide, rape, gang violence, public corruption, and complex financial and white collar crimes. He handled complex grand jury investigations of financial institutions and of other individuals involved in criminal activity.

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  • As an Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor, he led the investigation and successful prosecution of the first felony theft of wildlife in the nation's history. Two other noteworthy experiences included his investigation of a large scale notorious gang murder and the successful prosecution of several high profile unsolved "cold cases.

    Drawing on his extensive background prosecuting criminal cases, Attorney Valore is able to provide a solid legal defense for clients charged with white collar crimes, public corruption, and money laundering. With a comprehensive understanding of federal and state criminal laws, he also counsels public and privately held corporations and individuals facing unwelcome governmental scrutiny, from those facing grand jury subpoenas to those called as witnesses or requested to turn over internal corporate records and other confidential business information.

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    Clients benefit from his firsthand knowledge of the trial strategies and tactics used by state and federal prosecutors.