Alabama vote ban interracial marriage

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  2. Alabama votes on removing its ban on mixed marriages | World news | The Guardian
  3. 2001, A Race Odyssey: Alabama's Anti-Miscegenation Statute is Repealed
  4. Anti-miscegenation laws in the United States

The black people feel that way, too.

Although opponents of Amendment 2 were vocal, they were in the minority. Alabama was the last state to have such a law, which had not been enforced for years. In Alabama, voters removed a year-old provision from the state Constitution that barred interracial marriage.

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The law was unenforceable under a Supreme Court ruling. Still, some residents and minority groups were watching the outcome closely.

Table of Contents

Similar laws were once on the books in as many as 40 states, though Alabama would be the last to eliminate its version. Alabama was the last state in the nation with such a constitutional provision still in place, although it has not been legally enforceable for many years.

This section has been annulled by Amendment Following the November 7 election, Mike Chappell filed a lawsuit challenging the passage of Amendment 2 claiming that its intent was not clearly stated on the ballot; the suit was dismissed by Judge Tracy McCooey of the Circuit Court of Montgomery County. Have you ever felt more like a firefighter than a lawyer?

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He said that about a third of the state was opposed to inter-racial marriage and the issue had enabled him to reach and activate a large pro-Confederacy constituency which he hoped would become active in other campaigns. I personally do not believe in inter-racial marriage and I've taught that to my kids, but today's kids will call you a racist because you say that.

Alabama votes on removing its ban on mixed marriages | World news | The Guardian

Mr Chappell said his campaign was "non-emotional and non-violent" and that he was an admirer of Martin Luther King's non-violent philosophy. While the attention of the national electorate may be focused on the presidential campaign, voters in Alabama are being asked to go to the polling stations on election day to remove from their constitution a ban on inter-racial marriage, dating from the slavery era. Topics World news. At stake is the national image of a state long associated with racial intolerance.

2001, A Race Odyssey: Alabama's Anti-Miscegenation Statute is Repealed

Although the miscegenation law has been unenforceable since the high court ruled against it 33 years ago, legislators have been unable to erase it from the state constitution. Forty states had such laws at one time, but only Alabama still has one on its books. The debate has stirred up racial passions in a state that served as a battleground for the civil-rights movement. Voters in South Carolina — where the Confederate flag became a presidential issue — repealed a ban on interracial marriages in Alvin W.

Anti-miscegenation laws in the United States

Holmes, who sponsored legislation to repeal the provision. Meanwhile, just 51 percent of voters polled in a recent survey said they would vote to repeal the ban. Wayne Flynt, a professor of Southern history at Auburn University, said he believes the 51 percent figure is inflated by people whose true feelings come out in the voting booth.

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  8. Although they were married in Alabama without any problem last year, the constitutional language was enough to make them consider a ceremony in neighboring Georgia.