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These circumstances include the following:. It is important to understand that in our role as the Central Repository for Nebraska Criminal History Records, we only report information as it is provided to us by our criminal justice partners across the state. Think of us as a library. If you find incorrect information in a book, the library cannot correct the information. It is up to the publisher or the author to correct it. If you think there is an error in our information, you would need to contact the source of that information such as the court of record, county attorney or law enforcement agency.

We will be happy to assist you in identifying the source of the information and provide you with contact information for that source.

If they agree that the information is incorrect they will be able to provide us with the corrected information so that we can update our records. Arrests that occurred in other states will not be reflected on your Nebraska criminal history. Adult arrest records are a matter of public record and as such are available to anyone who can demonstrate an "interest" in the subject. It should be noted, however, that by statute juvenile arrests are not considered a matter of public record and will not be released on a criminal history request.

State Statute allows us up to three business days to generate a report.


WATCH Help FAQs - Washington State Patrol

The three days begins on the day that we received a request in good order completed form, payment, appropriate signatures, etc There can be a number of reasons why this might occur. The most common reason is that you probably were not fingerprinted when you were arrested. Our records only consist of arrest records where the individual was fingerprinted. If you were fingerprinted, then it is possible that the arresting agency did not forward the fingerprint arrest card to the Nebraska State Patrol. Nebraska statute only requires felony arrests to be submitted to the state criminal history repository.

City-Wide Information

Finally the criminal history report you receive from us will only show Nebraska arrests so if you were arrested in another state, that arrest will not be included in our report. Nebraska criminal history records by statute are a matter of public record and therefore are available to the public. However, there are statutory limitations to exactly what the public is allowed to receive. Statute defines three such exclusions:. The subject of the report must approve the requestor to receive the full report by signing a release of information form before a public notary.

Nebraska does not have a statutory expungement provision.

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The only way to get an arrest expunged from a record is if that arrest was the result of a law enforcement error. To have such an arrest expunged, the individual must file a petition with the District Court for the county in which the arrest occurred. An individual may petition the court to have a criminal conviction "set-aside". A "set-aside" essentially means that the court acknowledges that the convicted individual has successfully completed the terms of their sentence paid the fine, served jail time, completed probation, etc If granted, the conviction record stays on the individuals record but it will reflect the "set-aside" status.

As the central repository, we only report information as it is provided to us by our criminal justice partners. To correct information that we have in our records, you must contact the source of that information. We will be happy to assist you in identifying the correct source and providing you with an initial point of contact.

If a correction is necessary, we must receive the information directly from the source. We cannot "take your word for it". Unfortunately, once an on-line request is submitted, there is not a way to retrieve the request and resubmit it after making the corrections. The search conducted by the online system is only based on the name, date of birth and social security number fields. If the mistake was made in any of these fields, your results may not be accurate.

You would need to submit a new request with the correct information and pay an additional fee. Mistakes in any other fields will not impact the accuracy of the results. The only required fields are name, date of birth, gender and race.

Criminal History Requests FAQ

Using the first three letters of the first and last name, date of birth, and the social security number if provided , the online system will search our computerized criminal history records database, called PCH Patrol Criminal History. If a record is found that matches only two of the three criteria submitted name, date of birth and social security number , further research is conducted to determine if the records are a match.

State statute requires us to complete a criminal history report within three business days of receipt of a request in good order payment and all required information received. If no criminal record is found, your report will be ready for retrieval in a matter of minutes. In some cases, additional research will be required which we have up to three business days to complete. You will receive an email notification that additional research will be required.

An additional email will be sent notifying that your report is ready for retrieval. Requests can also be requested via emailing or faxing the form along with an electronic bankcard withdrawal authorization form. As you will receive the most information from your own fingerprint-based check, it is best to use that method. If you are able to do so, you can go in person to the Identification and Criminal History Section in Olympia. You will need to call first at to schedule an appointment. The search is name and date of birth dependent, and will reveal only Washington state conviction data and information about arrests within the past year.


The website is located here. You will need to enter your credit card information, and you can print or save the results you receive. You can submit a request via mail by completing the form and sending the required fees to: Washington State Patrol Identification and Criminal History Section P.

Box Olympia, WA For fingerprint-based checks, access the form, fill it out and then go get your fingerprints. If choosing to do it at your local law enforcement agency, be prepared to pay a fee, which varies from agency to agency. You will need to bring valid identification with you.

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Then, mail both the completed request form along with the fingerprint cards to the Identification and Criminal History Section. Most records are kept indefinitely in Washington, with the exception of non-conviction data. In Washington, upon the request of the individual, records of arrests more than three years old that did not end in a conviction or cases in which a favorable disposition occurred and more than two years have elapsed are supposed to be deleted from the criminal record information.

RCW All other data is stored indefinitely unless expunged. The courts store case specific data. You will need your case numbers and can then request the information in the court of conviction. Washington additionally provides that an individual has a right to view their record and get copies through their local law enforcement agency. Fees vary by agency. Inaccurate information often appears on criminal records.

Poor inter-agency communication, data entry errors and other issues can cause the inaccuracies. The WSP has a form to challenge wrong information. Send the form along with supporting documentation from the court s or arresting agencies. If the WSP agrees, the information will be deleted. If they do not, you can request a hearing.