Obtaining an arrest warrant in canada

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A criminal conviction may lead to a finding of inadmissibility under the IRPA, but the two processes are distinct.

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By publicizing the identities of these individuals, the CBSA is enlisting the help of the public in locating these individuals and reporting any relevant information to the CBSA. Do not attempt to contact, approach or apprehend these individuals yourself.

Arrest Warrants

Report any information to the Border Watch Line at This individual is the subject of an active Canada-wide warrant for removal, following a determination he is inadmissible for failing to comply with the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. If you believe there is a warrant out for your arrest, contact one of our criminal defence lawyers right away.

Two Arrest Made and a Canada Wide Warrant Issued in Fourth Murder of 2019

We have ample experience dealing with arrest warrants, and can help you address both the warrant and the underlying charges so that you can avoid any unnecessary time spent in custody. If there is no warrant for your arrest, but you have reason to believe that an Information or a warrant for your arrest may be issued in the near future, we can also help you by providing you with pre-charge advice.

Pre-charge advice will help you acquire information about what you should do when you are being investigated or questioned by the police.


It will also help you to understand your rights and obligations when interacting with the police. In this way, you will be equipped with the knowledge you need to avoid unnecessarily divulging incriminating information or information that can be used to build a case against you.

He knew right away the best strategy to take to allow me to have my charges withdrawn, and was able to follow through as he promised, for a very reasonable cost. I would highly recommend this law firm.

canada-wide arrest warrant | News, Videos & Articles

I would definitely recommend Michael Oykhman and his team. Not only were my charges dropped but the professionalism and empathy I was shown gave you confidence knowing someone was working just as hard as you would be to obtain the best possible result. For anyone looking for lawyer he is one of the best hands down. Schedule a free no-obligation consultation to discuss your case.

Being arrested without a warrant

Book A Free Consultation. How do I find out if there is a warrant out for my arrest? View Successful Cases.

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