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How do I calculate my net worth?
  1. Pros and cons of valuing your car online
  2. How do I calculate the value of my car?
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The dealer may provide you with a higher or lower appraisal based on the condition of the vehicle. This price range is an estimate and factors such as vehicle condition, installed options and market condition can affect the value. Good Price. Based on region and trim, and an average mileage of 20, km per year.

Pros and cons of valuing your car online

It is intended only as a guide. Factors such as vehicle condition, dealer installed options and market conditions can affect prices. Selling a car privately also involves negotiating and dealing with potential scammers.

Top tips include great pictures, maintenance records and cleaning it up for viewing. Price a Car Select the car you want to price and get an instant valuation. Find the average market value of your car to sell privately All fields are required.

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Postal Code. What condition is your car in? Excellent Looks new and is in excellent mechanical condition. Good Has some repairable cosmetic defects and is free of major mechanical problems.

How do I calculate the value of my car?

Please enter a different year or model. You will also receive a lower claim payout under your insurance policy as the IDV will be lower for a total loss event such as car theft. The Used Car Valuation tool helps sellers get a fair price for their cars.

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For buyers, it creates a transparent sales process. It gives buyers a fair price window which they should expect to shell out, thus preventing them from being overcharged. Moreover, if the used car is being purchased through a loan, the tool can be useful for banks and NBFCs to get a fair pricing. It also helps insurers in determining motor insurance premiums.

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  • More the kilometres on a car, the lower its overall trade-in value. In India, the average car usually does ,km per year. In general, a car that has clocked fewer kilometres on the odometer will fetch a higher value. All in all, these factors along with market trends are taken into account while calculating the worth of a used car. With content like expert reviews, detailed specs and accurate prices, CarDekho is already the trusted platform for new car buyers. In fact, out of the 76 per cent of the population that researches online before buying a car, 90 per cent visit CarDekho.

    Besides a vast inventory of cars, tech-enabled innovations like Used Car Valuation tool, CarDekho constantly strives to serve used car buyers better.

    Car price guide

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    Free car valuations, used car prices, how much is my car worth? | Parkers

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